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What We Do
We at Biogentek provide High End Technology & associated consumables with Application & Service Support to Biopharmaceutical companies & various Biotechnology Institutions with the primary aim of bridging the current gaps in process development and manufacturing.
Biogentek is fully dedicated to supporting the growing Biotech Ecosystem of India by responding to the increased demand for providing end-to-end solutions to scientists in Biotechnology, Biopharmaceutical and broader life sciences market in India.
In end-to-end solution we provide support in the entire spectrum of procurement, operational training & maintenance.
Biogentek is based at Delhi with presence all across India including all major Biopharmaceutical hubs of India.
With customer satisfaction as our supreme motto we….

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Upstream Processing

It is critical to the successful production of biopharmaceuticals and requires careful optimization and control to ensure consistent and high-quality product output.

Hence forth we bring in an extensive range of CO2 incubators, Shaker incubators, Shaken Bioreactors, fermenters along with critical Cell Line Development equipments & animal component free supplements.

Lab Instrumentation

Includes common use equipment and tools for the purposes of research, analysis, and experimentation. Our basket includes Freeze dryers/ Lyophilizers, Vacuum Concentrators, Biosafety Cabinets, Glassware washers, Refrigerated vacuum concentrators, ductless fume hoods and others.

Downstream Processing

Downstream processing is the part of the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process that involves the purification and separation of the desired product from the complex mixture generated during upstream processing. This typically involves a series of purification and separation steps, including chromatography, filtration, and centrifugation, that are designed to isolate and concentrate the target product while removing impurities.

Algal & Plant Research Instruments

We provide high end sophisticated instruments for advanced measurement and imaging of optical signals in plants and algae, particularly in the field of chlorophyll fluorescence/reflectance techniques.

Also is used for monitoring a wide range of physiological signals from individual cells to mature crop plants.

Analytical Solutions

Analytical solutions refer to the methods and tools used to analyze and interpret data in various scientific fields. This can include techniques such as statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization, among others. Analytical solutions are critical to the scientific research process, allowing researchers to extract meaningful insights and draw conclusions from large and complex data sets. These solutions are used in a wide range of fields, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, environmental science, and many others.