CO2 Incubator

P 190D

T 50S

T 190S

Safe Touch 190 and Touch 190S CO2 incubators come with a fully sealed, electro-polished, deep drawn 190-litre chamber.

The uniquely built incubator is manufactured from the highest grade 316 stainless steel and has an anti-microbial polyester powder coated paint finish hence displays exceptional corrosion and contamination resistance.

6-Sided heating system

The clever six-sided heating system with high-performance thermal insulation minimise the risk of contamination and reduce running costs. It is controlled by using a state-of-the-art PID controller.

Precise Temperature Control

There is also independent control of both the door and the base (located under the water tray) allowing for extremely accurate and precise control of temperature inside the inner chamber.

Fanless Technology

This precise control eliminates the need for a fan and hence is accurately achieved by the most gentle convection of air movement inside the chamber. This prevents any turbulence and possible rapid spreading of contamination which may get introduced into the chamber by

the higher turbulent air flow created by fan assisted incubators.

The benefits of being fanless-

  • Significantly reduced risk of contamination
  • Zero vibration: eradicates any possibility of cell edging effect
  • Significantly less evaporation; minimise loss of water in thewater tray, hence less risk of sample evaporation and possible desiccation
  • Considerably easier to clean.
  • Very easy and quick to remove shelves and shelf racks for ease of cleaning
  • Considerably more useable space, no ducting or built in hepa to minimise useable space
  • No hidden areas or crevasses that can be difficult to clean
  • No fan maintenance
  • No extra costs to replace expensive fan Hepa filters and associated health risks in doing so
  • Helps to minimise loss of chamber conditions during inner glass door opening
  • No turbulent airflow that can spread contamination introduced into the inner chamber quickly.

Drift free sensor technology

IR CO2 sensor of this incubator offers the latest technology

making it completely drift free.

Eliminate Spores & limit spore contamination

The effectiveness of LEEC’s 200 o c decontamination cycle against all spores and bacteria commonly associated, and possibly present in laboratory incubators. Independently evaluated for the effectiveness of its 200 o C decontamination cycle & was proven to be effective against the stubborn Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores, Aspergillus spores (formally Aspergillus niger) and Bacillus atrophaeus


Other CO2 sensors only measure accurately at the desired 88- 92% relative humidity (%RH) but after the inner glass door is opened the T.C. sensor starts measuring inaccurately up to a period of 1 hour after the door closure.

TC technology is much older technology and its huge disadvantage is that accurate % CO2 can only be achieved once the relative humidity (%RH) has recovered back to 88-92%RH, which is typically up to 1 hour.