Your cells will never have a better growth environment !!!

ISF1-Z incubator shaker

Robust stackable Incubator Shakers with Conventional CFC Free Refrigeration for temperature control and Now, also with the latest heating and cooling concept using Sturdy and Lasting Peltier Independent Peltier based controls for Temperature & Humidity Control. Precise CO2 control

Stack 2 or 3 Machines or even more ( if the height permits ).

LT-X incubator shaker

The Small Incubator Shaker with a big Heart ( Space ). Stackable, robust and space saving. Temperature control, & shaking with or without precise CO2 control and humidity control.

Accepts flasks upto 6 liters.

Kuhner Kelvin⁺ benchtop shaker

A versatile piece of equipment which can be used as a stand alone Incubator / a standalone shaker / even for cell culturing using Mass Flow Controllers and a Gas Distribution module.

ISF4-X incubator shaker

The real workhorse in high throughput laboratories. Optimize your work with several hundred small shake flasks or TPP / Falcon tubes or Scale up in large 5 Liter Flasks or culture in single use bags or even Media Thawing in controlled environment up-to 4 independent shaking machines housed in the large environmental cabinet. Ready with options of CO2 control & or humidity control.

LS-Z benchtop shaker

Robust magnetically driven shaking machine which can be used in regular Laboratory Conditions or inside any other Incubator or even in harsh conditions such as temperatures up to 100 degree Celsius and humidity up to 85 % Rh. A separate power unit & display enable the LSZ to be used in any incubator of your choice

SBM/SS-X rack shaker

A brilliant solution for temperature controlled rooms for several small scale flasks simultaneously or large flasks ( depending on heights ). The SBM can accommodate any number of shakers from 1 up to 5 (max). Each shaker is independently controlled

RC-X industrial shaker

High capacity shaking machine for heavy loads, suitable for temperature controlled rooms or in ambient conditions . Shaking in large single used bags / containers for volumes up to 200 liters or higher. An excellent unit for mixing requirements or cell cultivation.