Mass Spectrometry

8700 SQ GC-MS

Scion MS Detector for 8X00 *

  • Lens free analyser ion path
  • Axial ion source
  • Active focusing Q0 pre-filter
  • Full automation capabilities through MS Workstation software and autosampler

8900 TQ GC-MS

  • The SCION 8900 TQMS delivers the fastest scan rates 30,000 Da/s) of any comparable system.
  • ∙Improved MRM speed (1000 MRM/s) pushes the envelope on data capture to new levels
  • Included is a high-performance turbo pump for rapid time to vacuum and worry-free operation
  • Dual filament source increases uptime
  • Best sensitivity in positive ion MRM mode (100 fg OFN for 272>222: S/N> 50.000:1)
  • Six orders of magnitude dynamic range (EDR)
  • Extensive mass range (1-1200)
  • Mass resolution of 0.7-4Da with mass stability of 0.1Da over 48h
  • Innovative lens-free ion path delivers simplified tuning
  • Off axis source and detector increase sensitivity