High contrast imager designed for single cell imaging, identification and

clonal outgrowth characterization.

Now, with the power of artificial intelligence-based Automated Evidence

of Clonality (AEC), CHO, HEK and iPSC cells are identified automatically

on day 0 without user bias.

Proprietary Confluence Precision Scanning. New high precision

confluence scanning option saves time by showing optimal timepoint for cell expansion.

Automated setup and optimization of imaging parameters, including


The timeline of clonal outgrowth continues with high-clarity, whole-well

imaging starting at day 0, tracing back to a single cell.

Here clonal assurance is based on evidence, unlike manual methods,

which use a repeated process to achieve probability of a single cell.

Comes with a Cassette holder which is an extension to store cloning

plates during the single cell growth phase. Ideally designed to hold the

plates in-situ for easy transport as well as keeping the plates at distance from each other to allow incubator conditions to easily circulate through the plates.

Versatile equipment which gets integrated into multiple workflows, such as those involving sub-cloning, mini-pools or repeated limited dilution rounds. Hence can be significantly compressed- saving time, resources and financial investment!

Capture high-quality, image-based proof of clonality with whole-well imaging on day 0 for regulatory assurance with a dynamic Clonality

Report. Catalogues data to show the entire story, from single cell to colony. Users can create custom reports that provide clear electronic evidence of clonality for confident IND submission.