GC 8500


SCION Instruments combines Performance, Productivity and Flexibility with the ultimate user-experience into the 8500 Gas Chromatograph, the next generation of 456GC. This makes it thechromatographer’s choice in GC.

Intuitive User interface

SCION 8500 GC comes with a 10” full colour touchscreen user

interface with superior visual quality.

The ultra large screen allows for superior overview to all

instrument status, access to methods and automation.

CompassCDS Software

The 8500 GC is supported in CompassCDS. CompassCDS is the easy-to-learn and easy-to-operate chromatography software that offers an intuitive interface, and a powerful package for integration, calibration, calculation and reporting tools. Market/solution-specific add-ons are available as well to further facilitate workflow and reporting.

Key Values

  • Three channel architecture, with up to three inlets and four detectors (including MS)
  • S/SL, PTV/LVI, COC, Packed/Wide bore, GSV/LSV inlets, with cooling options
  • FID, TCD, ECD, PFPD, NPD, PDHID & MS Detectors
  • Standard Analyser Packages
  • Support for nine valves, 16 programmable events, heated (external) valve oven, Backflush/Deans,
  • Gasifier or pressure station or Multi stream selection valves

Performance & Productivity

  • Fastest Column Oven (180°C/min ramp)
  • Advanced high-pressure EFC (150 Psi)
  • Autosampler supported for enhanced productivity and best precision.
  • 8400 Pro/8410 Pro Samplers with dual/duplicate, SPME and LVI injection modes
  • Headspace, P&T, CTC, EST Sampler, Pyrolyzer Support
  • Hydrogen carrier option Inert flow paths
  • Constant linear velocity, Constant Flow and Constant pressure modes
  • 600Hz data rate

Ease of Use

  • 10” High resolution full-colour touchscreen
  • 16 Languages supported: EnglishGB, EnglishUS, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, ChineseSC, ChineseTC, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese
  • CompassCDS™ Chromatography Data System for client server networked or stand-alone, 21CFR11 compliant
  • CompassCDS™ Sample Streamer, IntelliUpdate, 1-Button Interface, and various plug-ins for dedicated industry-standard solutions