ICON™ first in the world benchtop system measuring normalized titre for the characterization of high productivity clones in cell line development.

Using assays for unique analysis of the three critical quality attributes of titer, cell number and cell viability. Also assesses productivity to enable rapid stratification of leading clone candidates.

Rapid plate-based titer assessment- the instrument offers rapid plate-based assessment of antibody production for cell line development using fluorescence polarization (FP).

Powered by STUDIUS™, a new overarching software platform, viable cell count data is used to normalize titer at the fed-batch stage and can be used for frequent monitoring of viability through growth and expansion


The Solentim ecosystem of instruments, the VIPS PRO, Cell Metric X and ICON powers informed decision making for faster, ore productive workflows.

Catalogues data to show the entire story, from single cell to colony.

Users can create custom reports that provide clear electronic evidence of clonality for confident IND submission.