SB50-X single-use bioreactor

Orbital shaken bioreactor for single-use bags

The SB50-X is an orbital shaken bioreactor for the cultivation of human, mammalian and plant cells in a single-use bag. A working volume from 15 litres up to 50 litres for the SB50-X ensures easy scale-up from microtiter plates to shaking flasks and all the way up to 200 litres. The SB50-X can be used in research, process development or production.


The SB50-X was developed and tested in collaboration with ExcellGene SA (Monthey, Switzerland) and the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland).

Performance characteristics

  • Large capacity (50L working volume) single use bioreactor system
  • Cultivation of human, mammalian and plant cells
  • Fast, simple set up
  • Easy scale-up