Brings in an unique proprietary AI-driven algorithm which ensures

precise cell detection. The neural network enables single cell detection

in a droplet and, unlike other solutions, distinguishes between a cell, cell

aggregates, cell debris, and air bubbles for complete confidence.

Delivers evidence for complete certainty of single cell seeding—not in

the nozzle, not in the tube, not in the air, but at the bottom of the well.

Gamma-irradiated, single-use Seeding Kits which speed up and simplify

the process while eliminating the possibility of sample carryover and

contamination between projects. They are GMP-certified and include a

validation report.

The timeline of clonal outgrowth continues with high-clarity, whole-well

imaging starting at day 0, tracing back to a single cell.

Capture high-quality, image-based proof of clonality immediately after

droplet dispensing and with whole-well imaging on day 0 for regulatory

assurance with a dynamic Clonality Report.

Here clonal assurance is based on evidence, unlike manual methods, which use a repeated process to achieve probability of a single


Powerful data management and analysis by The STUDIUS software platform which provides instrument control as well as powerful data analysis and management for error reduction, sample tracking and a complete audit trail.

Support Compliance which includes security features to ensure 21 CFR Part 11 compliance include system access control for authorized users, data integrity, and audit trail for record-keeping.

Catalogues data to show the entire story, from single cell seeding to colony. Users can create custom reports that provide clear electronic evidence of clonality for confident IND submission.